What Types of Digital Freelance Work Can You Do?

freelanceIf you are interested in setting up your own business you may want to consider performing some type of digital freelance work. The term “digital freelance” simply refers to work that can be done online for your clients. While you may possess a certain talent that you can easily pursue, you may want to start something brand new. This article will take a look at various types of digital freelance work that you could perform.

Freelance Writing

This is probably one of the most common types of freelance work that is performed online. Even so, you can specialize in different areas. For example you may enjoy writing articles and blog posts. Or you may prefer longer documents such as reports, ebooks and even white papers.

If you have specialized knowledge in a certain area such as nutrition or personal development you may want to concentrate on this. The upside to this is that you can often demand higher prices because of your expertise.

Graphics and Design Work

This is another popular field that includes all types of graphics work. While you may want to focus on website design and customization, there are other options as well. These include designing book covers, headers and banners. Social images and posters are also very popular. These are the images that people like to post on sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.


With the popularity of the internet everyone loves to use photographs on their websites, in their products and on their social sites. Using photos can lead to all kinds of copyright infringements. So setting up a photography freelance business could be your ticket to an extremely profitable business.

You could take photos specifically for clients and then sell them copyrights to your images. Your prices would be higher to reflect this of course. Or you may want to sell packages of photos to your customers. With this method you would take a certain theme such as dogs, cooking, lighthouses etc. and then package them up. You could offer different prices depending upon the usage rights you attach to each one.

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Video Producer

Online marketers love using video in their content and products. If you enjoy creating videos this could become a viable freelance business for you. As well as creating videos you could offer editing and even adding voice overs for clients.

As you can see you do have lots of options when it comes to deciding on what type of digital freelance work to offer.

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